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The process of learning dressage can be confusing, contradictory, and frustrating. In this Video Series you will learn how to view the process without the confusion and contradictions. We will share with you the approach which has helped many riders, just like you. You will learn to make sense of the  process, learn how to understand your horse better, and navigate the process of learning to train your horse yourself.
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This subscription and the teaching videos are completely free.  In each video we share with you tips, exercises, and strategies that we hope will help you find clarity and understanding in your journey to learn dressage. Our intention is to provide you with tips and exercises that you can implement immediately with your horse. At the end of the series, we will inform you about the details of our new online course, for those who are interested. There is, however, absolutely no obligation whatsoever to participate in the course!

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Video 1:  Dressage is so confusing!
You will learn how to view the process with an objective overview with our "Red Thread" Road Map.
Video 2:  Dressage is so conflicting!
We demystify some of the common misconceptions and contradictions that trip most riders up along the way.
Video 3:  Where  & How to start?
You will learn how to define your own path by determining your priorities so you know what to work on first.

To dive in deeper and really learn WHAT to do, WHY, and HOW to do it so you can train your horse yourself.

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